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Asian and African Area Studies No.16-1 (Norvember, 2016)

Asian and African Area Studies No.16-1 November 2016 CONTENTS   Index Articles Comparative Ethnobotany of Tropical Forest Foragers: A Case Study of the Baka of Africa and the Penan of Borneo   Hattori Shiho  1Koizumi Miyako         Contractual Enforcement in Export-Oriented Handicraft Trading in Northeastern Ghana: Focusing on Pseudo-Contractual Relationships between Local Intermediaries and Producers   Ushiku Haruka  38   Research Note Adoption of Cassava by Immigrants and Regional Livelihood Stability in Northwestern Zambia   Hara Masaya  73   Book Reviews Masaaki Okamoto. Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Political Stabilization in Indonesia.    Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2015, 304p.   Morishita Akiko  87   Tsukasa Mizushima et al. eds. An Introduction to […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.15-2 (March, 2016)

Asian and African Area Studies No.15-2 March 2015 CONTENTS     Index Articles Development of the Visual Public Sphere in the Republic of Turkey: A Focus on the Gezi Park Protests   Sononaka Yoko  167   Women’s Property Rights and Inheritance of Property for Ancestor Worship in Pre-Modern Vietnam: Focusing on Anniversary Rice Fields(Kỵ Điền).   Miyazawa Chihiro  208   Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) Irrigation Technology Uptake in Rice Paddies of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam:    Relationship between Local Conditions and the Practiced Technology   Yamaguchi Takayoshi        Luu Minh Tuan        Minamikawa Kazunori        Yokoyama Shigeki  234   Research Note Usefulness and Limitations of Cultural Consensus Analysis in Area Studies   Furusawa Takuro  257   Book Review Hideyuki […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.15-1 (Norvember, 2015)

Asian and African Area Studies No.15-1 November 2015 CONTENTS   Index Article The Decolonization Process of Indigenous Taiwanese in Postwar Taiwan   Morita Kenji  1   Language, Buddhism, and Belonging during Decolonization: The Khmers of the Mekong Delta   Shimojo Hisashi  20   Research Notes Reconsidering Leadership of the Iban People in Borneo   Nishijima Kaoru  49   The 33rd Congress of the Nahdlatul Ulama: Conflicts over the Rais Aam Selection Method   Kobayashi Yasuko  71   Review Article “Humanosphere” and the Future of Area Studies   Kato Tsuyoshi  94   Book Reviews Masako Ito and Michiko Yoshii ed. Deception in the Export of Nuclear Technology from Japan to Vietnam: Behind the Scenes of a “Friendship.” […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.14-2 (March, 2015)

Asian and African Area Studies No.14-2 March 2015 CONTENTS Land-related Conflicts and Traditional Authorities in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa Land-related Conflicts and Traditional Authorities in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa: Foreword   Sagawa Toru  169   Resurgence of Chiefs and Establishment of Their Power: A Case Study of a Land Dispute among the Acholi in Northern Uganda   Kawaguchi Hiroko  182   Conflicts and Authority over Lands Targeted for Wildlife Conservation: A Comparison of Plural Cases of Different Proprietary Rights in Maasailand, Southern Kenya Meguro Toshio  210   Guardians or Misfeasors: The Role of Chiefs in Land Allocation under the 1995 New Land Act in Zambia   Oyama Shuichi  244   Article Structure of the Floor and […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.14-1 (Norvember, 2014)

Asian and African Area Studies No.14-1 November 2014 CONTENTS Article Thai Buddhism Reconsidered from the Viewpoint of Chinese Temples: Reflections on the Case Study of Phuket, Southern Thailand   Kataoka Tatsuki  1   Child-Rearing by Multiple Parents: A Case Study on ‘Fostering’ Custom (Ri’ko) among the Hausa in Northern Nigeria   Umetsu Ayako  43   Language Education as a Policy to Promote Loyalty to the Nation-State: From Improvement of Primary School Enrollment and Literacy to Blocking Cult Protestantism Conversion among the Mong of Vietnam   Yamabe Kensuke  64   When Election Results Count: A Reflection on De-democratization in Thailand   TAMADA Yoshifumi  96   Book Reviews Tariq Moraiwed Tell. The Social and Economic Origins […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-2 (February, 2014)

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-2  February 2014   CONTENTS Special Issue: Remembering Professor ADACHI Akira Introduction: Adachi Akira and Non-modern Area Studies   Fujikura Tatsuro  101   Articles On the Evolvement of the Concept of “Development”: From its Origin to the Age of Colonialism   Kato Tsuyoshi  112   Different Scales, Non-Corresponding Words, Hidden Actors,Imbroglios   Uchiyamada Yasushi  148   Dying, Death and Care in an Institutional Setting:A Case Study of a Vädihiti Nivasa (Old People’s Home) in Sri Lanka   Nakamura Sae  174   Rug Production as “Minor Subsistence”: Social Transformation and Women in Post-independence Uzbekistan   Sono Fumoto  212   Research Notes Rethinking ‘Development Discourse’ : From the Perspective of Japan’s Revival after WW […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-1 (November, 2013)

Asian and African Area Studies No.13-1  November 2013   CONTENTS Article The Dubai Approach as a New Resolution System for Islamic Finance Dispute Cases   Kawamura Ai  1   Research Note Histories and Discourses of Muslim-Christian Relations in the Southern Philippines: Toward an Understanding of Intermarriage   Yoshizawa Asuna  24   Book Reviews Ayame Suzuki. Freedom and Order in “Democracies” :Reconsidering Malaysia’s Political Regime.    Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2010, 304p.   Toyama Ayako  49   Wataru Kusaka. Anti-Civic Politics: Morality and Inequality in the Philippine Democracy.    Tokyo: Hosei University Press, 2013, 442p.   Aoyama Waka  52   Yasuyuki Karakita and Kenichi Sudo eds. Oceania and Public Spheres:    Stratified Characteristics Seen in Fieldwork.     Kyoto: Showado, 2012, […]

Asian and African Area Studies No.12(2) (March, 2013)

Asian and African Area Studies No.12-2  March 2013   CONTENTS Articles The State of Anthropology in Bhutan   Dorji Penjore  147   Implications of Historical Discourses in the Islamic State of Pakistan: School Textbooks in the Urdu Language   Sunaga Emiko  157   The Political Implications of “Directive Principles of Fundamental State Policies” in the Context of Thailand’s Constitution   Toyama Ayako  192   Policy and Institutional Developments Related to Thai Mangrove Areas: Focusing on the Process of Mutual Interaction between the Forest Sector and the Non-forest Sector   Kurashima Takayuki  215Takeda Shinya       Sano Makoto          Ge-tai in Singapore: A Problematique that Emerged from a Chain of Images   Fushiki Kaori  247   Book Reviews Yoko Hayami, Makoto […]

“Asian and African Area Studies” 12-1 has been published

“Asian and African Area Studies” 12-1 has been published and available in PDF. » Asian and African Area Studies No.12(1) (September, 2012)

Asian and African Area Studies No.12(1) (September, 2012)

Asian and African Area Studies   No.12-1September 2012   CONTENTS Articles Munda and Political Transformation from Below: Local Politics and Power Relations in Barind, BangladeshShaila SHARMEEN  1 The Sequence of Disarmament Operations in Karamoja, Northeastern Uganda Hazama Itsuhiro  26 Sustaining Local Livelihoods by Utilization of the Mangrove Ecosystem in Batam, IndonesiaHarada Yukari / Kobayashi Shigeo  61 The Geographical Transformation of Arab Media: The Decline of Offshore Media and the Rise of the Media CityChiba Yushi  79 Book Reviews Takahiro Sato, Taizo Wada, Kaoru Sugihara and Yoichi Mine eds. Humanosphere Potentiality Index:Beyond the HDI Perspective. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2012, ix+291p.Furusawa Takuro  104 Kazuharu Mizuno. Nature and Tibetan Society: Arunachal Pradesh, India. Kyoto: Showado, 2012, 232p.Nagaoka Kei  107 Yasushi […]