Nay Myo Thiha Han


Title of Research

       Rural Financial Markets and Policies in Myanmar

Brief Content of my Research

    1. As already perceived, Myanmar, a country with an agrarian economy, has faced many challenges in respect of rural and agricultural development. Rural economy concerns roughly 70% of country’s population. Here, the very fundamental issue for rural population is the lack of resources such as market, infrastructure, and technical supports, as well as credit. Among such constraints, one major constraint is the lack of access to financial services with reasonable and affordable interest rate. Access to financial services is critical for rural population because it is a tool which not only to enable to engage income generation activities but also to meet the financial needs of daily consumption.

      My research will investigate the financial services in rural Myanmar and their determinants with two objectives. Firstly, it will examine the current condition of rural financial market by asking whether it is productive for improving the livelihood of farmers. Secondly, it will make an effort to understand the operation of various financial institutions in rural area. The combination of these two agendas is expected to provide information on policy implications for improving the resent financial market situation in Myanmar.









      Study tour to research villages of Phya Pon Township, Phya Pon District, Ayawaddy Delta