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The Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) at Kyoto University launched the Fieldworker Family Care Support Group in 2015, and has supported administrative staff members and researchers who carry out fieldwork while raising children and/or caring for elderly family members. Fieldwork is an important part of our graduate school, which serves as the center for researchers devoted to area studies with research fields in Asia and Africa. However, there are many challenges for researchers who need to look after their families to carry out fieldwork overseas (and in Japan). This issue had been seen as something that individual members were expected to resolve by themselves. Therefore, they have somehow managed to complete their fieldwork by using personal resources (such as existing facilities, systems, money and assistance from parents). Those without sufficient resources or access to support could not do anything but give up their fieldwork. Since we hope to provide better child/ elderly care while continuing the fieldwork, research, and other work at the institute, we would like to share the challenges and support each other. There is no one answer. We hope to support the members who need assistance, not only by other members of ASAFAS, but also by receiving advice from people outside the school who have struggled and managed to balance work and child/ aged care. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Members of the Fieldworker Family Care Support Group

  • NAGAOKA Shinsuke(ASAFAS・Division of Global Area Studies)
  • KATAOKA Tatsuki(ASAFAS・Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies)
  • SAITO Miho(ASAFAS・Division of African Area Studies)

Gender Equality Promotion Committee of ASAFAS

ASAFAS creatd the gender equality promotion committee in 2015, and has supported female reseachers and administrative staff.