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When a researcher with a child has to do fieldwork, the issue of how to look after the child is unavoidable. The options are either taking the child into the field, or leaving the child with someone. Neither of which are easy to arrange.

This is a program that maintains the field stations, which the school owns around the world, as facilities that can accommodate fieldwork with children. We understand that there are countries and areas where fieldwork with children is quite challenging, but we hope to maintain systems to assist as much as possible.

Field Stations of ASAFAS

Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies

  • Laos Field Station
  • Makassar Field Station
  • Cambodia Field Station
  • Pekanbaru Field Station
  • Myanmar Field Station

Division of African Area Studies

  • Ethiopia Field Station
  • Cameroon Field Station
  • Nairobi Field Station
  • Tanzania Field Station

Division of Grobal Area Studies