Career Prospects

ASAFAS alumni are active in a number of areas all over the world, applying the in-depth knowledge and practical experience they gained studying the environment, ecology, politics/economics, societies and cultures of the Asian and African regions, and conducting field researches, as well as the ability they developed to use this knowledge holistically in the context of their awareness of the inherent characteristics of these areas.

Recent years have seen increasing attention given to some fields relating to Asia and Africa. These include area studies, international cooperation and development studies, cultural anthropology and so forth. Many of our alumni are active as leading experts in universities and research institutes specializing in these fields in Japan and abroad

In the contemporary world, as globalization proceeds and the relations between Japan and the countries in Asian and African regions continue to develop, there is an increasing need for people who have expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas to work in international bodies, NPOs, and government organizations, as well as in Japanese and other corporations all over the world. The graduates produced by ASAFAS are well able and qualified to meet this need.

Some of our alumni have gone on to work in fields that are not directly related to area studies. But they have still been able to put the energy, perspective, and capacity to solve problems adeptly and in consonance with local conditions, developed in their experience in fieldwork as students of ASAFAS, to good use in their chosen careers.

Career Development Office

ASAFAS now has a Career Development Office to advise and assist students in pursuing careers after completion of the program, and it provides consultation for students on any related matters they wish to discuss.

Career Development Discussion Meetings

ASAFAS holds regular career development discussion meetings. Members of the Industry-Academia-Government Advisory Board and alumni active in a number of fields are invited to give talks on a broad spectrum of subjects, after which discussions are held with students.