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Guidelines for Contributors

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  1. Papers and research notes should contain the title of the article, the English summary of 200 words, the text, notes, references, charts, maps, illustrations and so on. Book reviews clearly state the title of the book, the author, edition, the place of publication, the publisher, year, and pages. Fieldwork news should contain the title of the article, the author’s name, the text, references, charts, maps, illustrations, etc.
  2. References in the text: all source references are to be identified at the appropriate point in the text by the last name of the author, year of publication and pagination where needed. The subsequent citations of the same source should be done in the same way as the first. ‘Ibid.’ or ‘loc. cit.’ should not be used. Examples follow:
    (i) If author’s name is not in the text:
      [Tabata 1978: 147]
      [Yoshida 1975a: 15-18]
      [Tsubota 1979: Ch. IV]
      [Fukuyama et al. 1979]
      [Ohmae 1987; Johnson 1998]
      [Robertson, H. 1979; Robertson, S. 1998]
    (ii) If author’s name is in the text:
      Yamakawa [1996]
    (iii) If you cite your own work in your manuscript, make sure that reviewers will not be able to identify you.
  3. References: bibliographical references for literature cited should be collectively listed at the end of the paper. They should not appear in notes. Examples follow:
    Burke, T. 1996. Lifebuoy Men, Lux Women: Commodification, Consumption, and Cleanliness in Modern Zimbabwe. Durham & London: Duke University Press.
    Obeyesekere, G. 1980. The Rebirth Eschatology and its Transformations: A Contribution to the Sociology of Early Buddhism. In Wendy D. O’Flaherty ed., Karma and Rebirth in Classical Indian Traditions. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 137-164.
    Journal articles:
    Ingold, T. 1990. An Anthropologist Looks at Biology, Man (N. S.) 25(2): 208-229.
    Bourdieu, P. 1990. The Logic of Practice, translated by Richard Nice. Cambridge: Polity Press.
    Newspaper articles:
    Techawongtham, Wasant. 2000 (June 23). People made to pay for mistakes, Bangkok Post.
    NSC 41 1949 (Feb.28) Record Group 90 (National Archives/Washington, D.C.)
    Online Documents:
    Social Watch. <http://www.chasque.apc.org/socwatch/index.htm> (December 15, 1997)
  • Notice to Contributors / Guidelines for Contributors PDF