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Most people who work while raising children usually use nursery services. However, there may be days when the nursery is closed, or, if the children are attending school and have long holidays. In addition, members may have to come to the office for business even during their child care leave. We provide a designated space for parents to work and watch their children.

The Child Care Room(CCR) is a facility that is located in Research Bldg. No. 2 of the university campus. Researchers and other staff members who bring their children to the office may use the room for their children to play in and for breastfeeding and disposing of excess breast milk. The room is maintained with an air purifier and every effort is made to keep the environment safe for the children to play in the room, from infants to elementary school children. The room is also equipped with toys for different age groups.

We hope this room will serve as a space where parents share information and challenges of raising children while parents and their children share the space and time for interaction.

We do not have a designated room for this purpose in the Inamori Foundation Memorial Building, but the multi-purpose room on the 3rd floor can be used by children.

How to Use the ASAFAS Child Care Room

The ASAFAS Child Care Room(CCR) is a facility that is located in Research Bldg. No. 2 . The CCR has a designated bin for dirty diapers. However, please dispose of all your dirty diapers after you have finished using the CCR to ensure the room stays clean.You can study while caring for your children. However, there is no childcare worker in this room. Please pay close attention to your children for their safety.

Facilities for Childcare: Toys, books, electric pot, refregiator, hot water, cot etc.

Facilities for Adults: Desk, printer, Internet. (Cell phone reception is only available around the windows.


・Users: People and their families belonging to Kyoto University (Need to register).

・Time: 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. Please make an appointment for weekends.

・Registration: Registration is required. Please send an e-mail to kosodate@asafas.kyoto-u.ac.jp to receive a registration form.


・The room key is in the Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies office in room AA432 on 4th floor.

・During your use, please lock the outside door for your safety and the inside door for soundpfoofing.

・After entering the CCR, please write down you and your child’s names and the times (in and out).

・Please don’t remove anything from the CCR.

・If you damage any equipments, please let us know immidiately.

・After you have finished using the CCR, please lock the door and retuen the key to the office.

・Please dispose of all waste (food, drink, and other garbage) to ensure the room stays clean.


Diaper Changing Station

  • A diaper changing station has finally been installed in the south lavatory on the 3rd floor in the Inamori Foundation Memorial Building.