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Asian and African Area Studies No.18-2 (March, 2019)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.18-2 March 2019    Index


Introduction of Archaeological Administration in Modern Thailand: The First World War and the Decree of Investigation and Conservation of Antiquities (1924)   Hinata Shinsuke  113  
Can Cooperatives Improve the Incomes of Rubber Smallholders in Thailand?: A Case Study in Chumphon Province   Angthong Suttipong
Fujita Koichi  135
Inter-Religious Marriage and the Role of Voluntary Or-ganizations in Contemporary India   Tsuruta Seiko  157  

Book Reviews

Chie Sakurada. People Who Supported the King of Thailand: The Struggle for King Bhumibol’s
   Provincial Visits and His Cinema. Tokyo: Fukyosha,2017,66 p.   Fujita Wataru  189  

Mio Horie. A Village Without Daughters: Bride Shortage, Marriage Migration and Women’s Belonging among

   the Lahu of Southwest China. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press,2018, 354 p.   Ayabe Masao  192  
Hiroki Takakura ed. The History and Cultural Ecology of Boreal Asia. Tokyo:
   Kokon-Shoin Publisher, 2018, 130 p.   Tanaka Toshikazu  197  

Fieldwork News

The Herbal Garden: A Small Oasis in One Corner of the City   Sugino Yoshimi  206  
Beautiful Cassava   Uozumi Koji  209  
Why Is This Not Here Now?: My Struggle to Develop a Rice Husk Cookstove   Hirano Ryo  213  
Identity, Language and Education under Conflict Situations:
A Glimpse into the Lives of Kokang People in Myanmar-China Boarder
  Gu Pingyuan  217  
Dhārāvi Se: Dīwālī from Dhārāvi   Kubota Kazuyuki  221  
Fieldwork in Mongolia, at Home in Japan, and in Social Media: Tsagaan Sar Experiences from 1998 to 2019   Kazato Mari  226