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Asian and African Area Studies No.10(1) (September, 2010)

Asian and African Area Studies
  No.10-1September 2010  
Bomena, a Misunderstood Culture: Contextualizing a Traditional
Courtship Custom Practiced in the Villages of Bhutan
Dorji PENJORE  1
Transformation of the “Knowledge” and Development of the Marja’-e Taqlid
under Khamene’i’s Leadership:
Reconsidering the Influence of the Political Order on the Religious System
KURODA Kenji  13

Politics of Chinese Media in Malaysia:
Case Study on the Nanyang Takeover Issue
IGA Tsukasa  35
Book Reviews
Ari Nakano. Human Rights in Vietnam: The Possibility of Pluralistic Democracy.
Tokyo: Fukumura Shuppan, 2009, 466p.
ITO Masako  67
Kaori Kawai. Group: Human Society in Evolutionary Perspectives.
Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2009, 364p.
MIZUTANI Masahiko  71
Jun Ikeno. Rural Africa vs. Poverty Reduction : Area Encountering Development in Tanzania.
Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2010, 410p.
UEDA Gen  74
Fieldwork News
Three Heads are Better than One in the Field: From My Experiences of Collaborative Research
on Ecological Resources in the South East Asian Archipelago
SUZUKI Haruka  79
A White Man on Stage in Kampala, Uganda’s Capital
DAIMON Midori  83
Thailand in Turmoil
HINATA Shinsuke  89
Rural Area under Foreign Currency Economy
IDO Takehiro  93