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Asian and African Area Studies No.17-1 (Norvember, 2017)

Asian and African Area Studies
No. 17-1 November 2017   Index


Indigenous Calendar System in Western Sumba Island, Indonesia: Analyses of Inter-Area Signal Transmissions for the Month of Bitterness and the Month of Sea Worms   Furusawa Takuro  1  
Gandhi’s Body and the Chauri-Chaura Riot: The Failure of Sexual Abstinence and the Suspension of the First Non-Cooperation Movement   Hazama Eijiro  39  
The Birth of Sexuality Politics in Malaysia: The State and the LGBT Movement since the 1980s   Iga Tsukasa  73  

Book Reviews

Norio Kondo. Evolution of Indian Politics: Democracy in Diversity.
   Nagoya: The University of Nagoya Press, 2015, 608 p.   Ueda Tomoaki  103  
Kim Gyuntae and Kang Hyunmo. Migration and Their Life of Koryo Saram in Uzbekistan.
   Seoul: Geulnulim, 2015, 284 p.   Lee Jinhye  106  
Ronald A. Messier and James A. Miller. The Last Civilized Place: Sijilmasa and Its Saharan Destiny.
   Austin: The University of Texas Press, 2015, xiv+280 p.   Hirayama Sohta  109  
Nao Sato. “Memay” Widows Living in Rural Cambodia: The Social System Preventing from Poverty.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2017, 260 p.   Hatsukano Naomi  113  
Motoji Matsuda and Misa Hirano(Nomoto) eds.Cultural Creativity for Conflict Resolution and Coexistence: African Potentials as Practice of Incompleteness and Bricolage.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2016, 406 p.   Tanaka Masataka  116  
Mitsugi Endo ed. Beyond Armed Conflict: Complexity and Diversity in People’s Strategies and Peace-Building Institutions.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2016, 360 p.   Makino Kumiko  120  
Motoki Takahashi and Shuichi Oyama eds. People as Lithe Agents of Change: African Potentials for Development and Coexistence.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2016, 430 p.   Tsujimura Hideyuki  125  
Masayoshi Shigeta and Juichi Itani eds. How People Can Achieve Coexistence through the Sound Use of Ecological Resources.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2016, 360 p.   Sakanashi Kenta  128  
Gen Yamakoshi, Toshio Meguro and Tetsu Sato eds. Who Owns African Nature? African Perspectives on the Future of Community-Based Conservation.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2016, 300 p.   Kito Shuichi  132  

Fieldwork News

If True to Your Name: What Lugbara People Taught Me by Their Personal Names   Yamazaki Nobuko  136  
Jordan’s Initiative in the Interfaith Dialogue in the 21st Century   Ikehata Fukiko  140  
Football, Palestinians and Refugeestd   Okabe Yuki  145  
Biodiversity as Seen from the Relationship between People and Fish in Thailand   Tomojiri Daiki  149  
Bat Farming as a Traditional Mode of Subsistence   Sakuraba Yu  153  
Fieldwork Abandoned: Dangers Facing Traditional Leaders in Northern and Central Mozambique   Matsui Azusa  157