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Asian and African Area Studies No.20-2 (March, 2021)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.20-2  (March, 2021)   Index


Ethnic Classification and Ethno-nationalism of the Dawei (Tavoyan) in Myanmar:
Does State Recognition Really Matter?
  Sumida Sayuri  195
Wada Michihiro        

Research Notes

A Note on the Dawei (Tavoy) Saṅgha: Nikāya Conflicts at the
Turn of the 20th Century in Myanmar and Thailand
  Sumida Sayuri  230
Wada Michihiro        
Factors in the Establishment of Coffee Agroforestry in ommunity Based Forest Management
and its Influence on Rural Society:A Case Study in West Java, Indonesia
  Kasori Maho  252
Onda Nariaki        
Masuda Misa        

Book Reviews

Yasushi Kosugi. The Sayings of Muhammad: Hadith, selected and translated with notes from the classical Arabic sources.
   Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, Publishers, 2019, 701 p.   Kamada Shigeru  270  
Riyo Naoi. Visualizing Area Studies: Finding Resonance in Making a Documentary Film about Social Relations among HIV-positive People in Northern Thailand.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2019, 304 p.   Minamide Kazuyo  273  
Kazumichi Katayama. Polynesians: Side-walk Anthropology Notes on the People of Giant Body and Mind, in Tiny Islands between Moana (the Ocean) and Rangi (Sky).
   RINSEN BOOK CO., 2019, 278 p.   Furusawa Takuro  277  
Wakana Sato. Women Living with Their Costumes: The Material Culture and Mother-Daughter Relationships of the Miao.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2020, 310 p.   Aoki Eriko  280  
Keiko Tosa and Katsumi Tamura, eds. Living in Transition: Anthropological Studies of Control and Publicness in Myanmar.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha Publishing Inc., 2020, 330 p.   Kobayashi Satoru  283  

Fieldwork News

The Ephemeral Fate of a Killer   Matsuo Ryunosuke  288  
Thinking Over Adolescent Sexuality: From Fieldwork in Indonesia   Futaesaku Kazuyo  292  
Traditional Feather Money Tevau in Today’s Santa Cruz Islands   Yamaguchi Yusuke  296  
Saviors to the Citizens or Mere Entrepreneurs?
Fluidity of the Informal Management of Tera Askebari in Addis Ababa
  Eunji Choi  300