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Asian and African Area Studies No.16-1 (Norvember, 2016)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.16-1 November 2016 CONTENTS   Index


Comparative Ethnobotany of Tropical Forest Foragers:
A Case Study of the Baka of Africa and the Penan of Borneo
  Hattori Shiho   1
Koizumi Miyako    
Contractual Enforcement in Export-Oriented Handicraft Trading in Northeastern Ghana: Focusing on Pseudo-Contractual
Relationships between Local Intermediaries and Producers
  Ushiku Haruka  38  

Research Note

Adoption of Cassava by Immigrants and Regional Livelihood Stability in Northwestern Zambia   Hara Masaya  73  

Book Reviews

Masaaki Okamoto. Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Political Stabilization in Indonesia.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2015, 304p.   Morishita Akiko  87  
Tsukasa Mizushima et al. eds. An Introduction to Asian Economic Histories.
   Nagoya: The University of Nagoya Press, 2015, 390p.   Taniguchi Kenji  90  
Yoneo Ishii. A Separate “King and I” Story (with commentary by Akiko Iijima, “Inside and Outside the King’s Realm:
   The ‘World’ of Mid-nineteenth Century Siam”). Tokyo: Mekong Publishing, 2015, 224p..   Sakurada Chie  93  

Fieldwork News

Increasing Social Stability in the Border Area (Continued):
Progressing Cooperation among Karen Armed Groups
  Sasaki Ken  100  
The Revival of Islamic Knowledge in Modern Turkey:
A Case Study of Educational Institute ISAR/EDEP in Istanbul
  Yamamoto Naoki  103  
Prickly Sermons: Conditional Cash Transfer Program
in the Days of the Rural Philippines
  Shiraishi Natsuko  107  
Meals That Connect People   Ikebe Tomoki  111  
The Home of Coffee for the Global Market:
Present State of the Ethiopian Coffee Sector
  Kawamata Kazuki  115