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Asian and African Area Studies No.17-2 (March, 2018)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.17-2 March 2018    Index

The Ngái in Vietnam:
The History, Religion, and Ethnicity of the Minority People of Hakka Origin

Foreword   Ito Masako  169  
The Ngai People as a Trans-border Ethnic Group:
  Reconsidering the Han Ethnic Groups in Vietnam
  Kawai Hironao  180  
Memories, Migration and the Ambiguity of Ethnic Identity:
  The Cases of Ngái, Nùng and Khách in Vietnam
  Nguyễn Văn Chính  207  
The Gods Worshiped by the Hoa Nung: An Exploration in China, Vietnam, and Australia   Serizawa Satohiro  227  
“We Are Not the Hoa”: Vietnamese State Policies towards the ‘Chinese’ in Vietnam and the Modern History of the Ngai Living in Northern Rural Areas.   Ito Masako  258  

Book Reviews

Hisashi Simojo. War and Refugee: Oral Histories in A Multi-Ethnic Society of the Mekong Delta.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha, 2016, 68 p.   Sasagawa Hideo  287
Toru Komma. How to Rule a Society without Rulers : With Special Reference to the Kipsigis of Kenya.
   Yokohama: Kanagawa University Press, 2017, 256 p. .   Ishii Yoko  290  
Robert G. Rabil. The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon: The Double Tragedy of Refugees and Impacted Host Communities.
   London: Lexington Books, 2016, 125 p.   Mochizuki Aoi  293  
Nikolaos van Dam. Destroying a Nation: The Civil War in Syria. London and New York:
   I.B. Tauris, 2017, xiv+242 p.   Okabe Yuki  297  

Fieldwork News

Ban Chiang: As a World Heritage Site and as a Local Symbol   Shiraishi Hanako  303  
Mpiandry in Madagascar, Reminiscent of Shinto Shrine Priests in Japan   Ebata Mareyuki  307  
In Pursuit of Livelihood: Significance of Cash from Tourists to Local People’s Livelihood in Ethiopia   Azeb Girmai  311  
The Changing Burqa in Lahore   Kagawa Erika  316  
An Experience of Establishing Relationships with Others in Kandy, Sri Lanka   Shimizu Kanako  31  
Learning and Working across the Border: Immigrants in Mae Sot, Thailand   Kido Minami  323  
Hello, Kazakhstan!: Cafe Hopping in Almaty   Lee Jinhye  327  
The Revitalization of Waqf (Islamic Endowment) for Social Well-Being in Malaysia   Nur Izzati Binti Mohamad Norzilan  331