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Asian and African Area Studies No.19-2 (March, 2020)

Asian and African Area Studies
No. 19-2 March 2020   Index


Positioning of Ethnic Language and Culture Education in the School Education System in the Multilingual Country Bhutan: The Teachers’ Views   Sato Minako   113  
A Reconsideration of Dong People’s Kinship Organization in Southern China   Huang Jie   153  

Research Note

Outer Sea Fishing and Spatial Cognition of the Sama-Bajau People in the Banggai Islands, Indonesia   Nakano Makibi   184  

Book Reviews

Eiji Oyamada. Corruption and Development: New Challenges for Tackling Corruption in Developing Countries.
   Tokyo: Akashishoten, 2019, 344 p.   Ishikawa Yusuke   207  
Michihiro Ogawa. India after the Mughal Empire: Colonization in the Early Modern Development.
   Nagoya: Nagoya University Press, 2019, 448 p.   Nagao Asuka   209  
Matthew J. Walton. Buddhism, Politics, and Political Thought in Myanmar.
   United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 226 p.   Obata Naruaki   212  
Tetsuya Nakatani. The Partition of India-Pakistan and Refugees: An Ethnography of Movement and Resettlement.
   Tokyo: Akashishoten, 2019, 503 p.   Inoue Tokiko   216  
Takuro Furusawa. The 150,000 Years of “Homo sapiens”: Human Ecological History of the Spectrum.
    Kyoto: Minervashobo, 2019, 274 p.   Terashima Hideaki   219  
Masaharu Kawano. Chiefly Authority, Social Hierarchy and the Art of Courtesy in Micronesia.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha, 2019, 358 p.   Konya Akari   223  
Fumio Nagai, Masaaki Okamoto and Jun Kobayashi, eds. Quantitative Analysis on Local Governance in Southeast Asia: Local Elite Survey in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
   Kyoto: Koyoshobo, 2019, 235 p.   Matsunami Jun   225  
Itaru Ohta and Toru Soga, eds. African Pastoral Values: Anthropological Studies on Transformation.
    Kyoto: Showado Press, 2019, 376 p.   Hashimoto Eri   227  
Naomi Hosoda. Searching for “Luck”: An Ethnography of Filipino Migrants and Their Affective Ties.
   Tokyo: Akashishoten, 2019, 395 p.   Nagasaka Itaru   231  

Fieldwork News

Cheating Each Other: A Case of Monetary Transactions in Southern Namibia   Fujita Sho   235  
Charcoal-Eating Monkeys: Unique Feeding Behavior of Zanzibar Red Colobus   Noda Kentaro   238  
Student Movement and Indian Democracy   Mukaida Koki   243  
Backstage at a Beauty Pageant, After Claiming the Crown   Yoda Hikari   247  
Direct Negotiation Provoked by Heavy Rain   Kudo Taichi   251  
The Effects of Globalization in Northern Thailand: Fortuitous Encounters with Akha People and Coffee   Okuno Erika   254  
To Eat Palm Oil from the Same Pot   Takamura(Inoue) Mai  258  
Buddhism Education at University in Thailand   Izumi Himawari   261  
A Tale of Three Feral Dogs in the Annapurna Base Camp Trail, Nepal   Sese Ma   264  
Living in a Town with Gems and Floods   Tsuchida Ryo   269