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  4. Asian and African Area Studies No.6(1) (August, 2006)

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Asian and African Area Studies No.6(1) (August, 2006)

      KAZATO Mari The Flexibility of Pastoralists’ Social Groupings and the Difficulty of Herding: Labor Organization and Herd Control for Day-trip Herding of Sheep and Goats in Arkhangai Province, Mongolia  (PDF: 4397KB)

      KUSUDA Kenta From Colonial to Reflection: A Local History of Indonesian Football (PDF: 2794KB)

      KOMATSU Kaori
      KITANISHI Koichi
      MARUO Satoshi
      HANAWA Rosei
Comparative Study of Banana-Farming Cultures in Asia and Africa: With Special Reference to the Diversity of Local Cultivars (PDF: 2749KB)

      SUGISHIMA Takashi Where Have the “Entrepreneurs” Gone? A Historical Comment on Adat in Central Flores (PDF: 1,430KB)

      Book Reviews
(PDF: 947KB)
      TAMAKI Yasuaki Waka Aoyama. An Ethnography of Poverty : Socioeconomic Life of Five Sama Families in Dovao City, Philippines. Tokyo: Tokyo University Press, 2006, 414p. +xi.

      MAMO Hebo Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre eds. Displacement Risks in Africa: Refugees, Resettlers, and Their Host Population. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press and Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press, 2005, 394p. +xv

      AKIYAMA Akiko Ian Scoones. Science, Agriculture and the Politics of Policy: The Case of Biotechnology in India. New Delhi: Orient Longman Private Limited, 2006, 417p.