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Asian and African Area Studies No.8(2) (March, 2009)

Asian and African Area Studies
  No.8-2March 2009  
The Rapid Expansion of Agricultural Lands into Seasonal
Swamps: A Case Study of the Mbozi District in Tanzania
Yamamoto Kana  125
The Antinomy of Civil Society-Dependent Electoral Governance in the Philippines:
Implications for Democratic Consolidation
Igarashi Seiichi  147

M.K. Gandhi on Gujarati Language and Literature
Isaka Riho  177
A Network of Earthquake, Buildings, and Society: An Anthropological Observation
of the Istanbul Anti-Seismic Urban Reform Plan
Kimura Shuhei  195
Book Reviews
Kennedy Agade Mkutu. Guns and Governance in the Rift Valley:
  Pastoralist Confl ict and Small Arms.
Oxford: James Currey, 2008, xii+178p.
Sagawa Toru  215
Masako Ito. Politics of Ethnicity : The History and the Present of Vietnamese Ethnic Classifi cation.
Tokyo: Sangensha, 2008, 306p.
Shoji Hiroshi  219
Fieldwork News
The Emergence of New Ethnic Identities: The Impact of the
2007 Election among Ariaal Pastoralists of Northern Kenya
Naito Naoki  224
A Report from the Young Offenders Institution in
Nishimoto Noa  230
Cultural Exchange Concerning Wild Boars Hunting between the Ryukyu Islands:
A Report of the 2nd Wild Boars Summit in Iriomote Island
Ebihara Ippei  234
Al-Ahly and al-Zamarek: The Gloomy Egyptian Society and CAF
Champions League
Yasuda Shin  238