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Asian and African Area Studies No.12(2) (March, 2013)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.12-2  March 2013   CONTENTS


The State of Anthropology in Bhutan   Dorji Penjore  147  
Implications of Historical Discourses in the Islamic State of
Pakistan: School Textbooks in the Urdu Language
  Sunaga Emiko  157  
The Political Implications of “Directive Principles of Fundamental State Policies” in the Context of Thailand’s Constitution   Toyama Ayako  192  
Policy and Institutional Developments Related to Thai Mangrove Areas:
Focusing on the Process of Mutual Interaction between the Forest Sector and the Non-forest Sector
  Kurashima Takayuki  215
Takeda Shinya       
Sano Makoto       
Ge-tai in Singapore:
A Problematique that Emerged from a Chain of Images
  Fushiki Kaori  247  

Book Reviews

Yoko Hayami, Makoto Nishi and Shuhei Kimura eds. Reconstituting the Human Domain: The Potentialities of Tropical Societies.
  Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2012, 385p.   Kato Atsufumi  282  
Huang Yun. Chinese Religious Organization and the Belief of Spirit-writing in Southeast Asia: Development and Expansion of Dejiao.
  Tokyo: Fukyosha, 2011, 350p.   Kitazawa Naohiro  285  
Kazuhiro Sunaga. Ethnography of Ecotourism: The Life-world of the Karen in Northern Thailand.
  Yokohama: Shumpusha, 2012, 435p.   Tazaki Ikuko  288  
Masataka Suzuki. Dynamics of the History and Culture of Miao Ethnic GroupTransformation on the Power of Imagination in Mountain People in South China.
  Tokyo: Fukyosha, 2012, 560p.   Miyawaki Chie  292  

Fieldwork News

Spread of “Schooling” in Rural Mali: Talking with Children about School Year   Imanaka Ryosuke  296  
Shall Those Who Believe Be Saved?   Oda Nara  300  
Jugaad Solution: Is It a Temporary Solution or the Ability to Deal Resourcefully with Unusual Problems? It is the Phrase for Hitting on an Idea   Kawanaka Kaoru  304  
Memories of Professor Akira Adachi   Kaji Shigeki  308