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Asian and African Area Studies No.19-1 (September, 2019)

Asian and African Area Studies
No. 19-1 September 2019   Index


The Production of Locality in the Earthquake in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal:
   With a Focus on Debris and the Festival
  Ito Sanae  1  
The Rise and Limits of the Anti-Shi’a Movement in Contemporary Indonesia   Kayane Yuka  28  

Research Note

The Reconstruction Process of Farmland in Pyroclastic Flow Sediment Areas at Merapi Volcano, Central Java Island   Shibata Atsuki  49  

Book Reviews

Akira Takada. Anthropology of Interaction: Places where “Mind” Meets “Culture.”
   Tokyo: Shinyosha, 2019, 248 p.   Iida Taku  68  
Makito Kawada, Chihiro Shirakawa and Kazutoshi Seki eds., Portraits of Magical Practitioners.
   Kyoto: Rinsen Book Co., 2019, 292 p.   Muratsu Ran  71  
Kazufumi Nagatsu. Living on the Border: An Historical Ethnography of the Sama Dilaut in Sabah, Malaysia.
   Matsumoto: Mokuseisha, 2019, 481 p.   Adachi Mari  74  
Yui Sunano. Local Beer as Food in the Dirasha, Ethiopia.
   Kyoto: Showado Press, 2019, 256 p.   Tanaka Toshikazu  78  

Fieldwork News

Vietnamese Food Culture   Furuhashi Makiko  82  
Dalit Women and Education in Contemporary India   Motoyama Kanako  85  
Information Technology and the Safety of Bodaboda Motorbike Taxis
   in Kampala, Uganda
  Otani Takuma  89  
Lessons Learned from Toilet Training for Cerebral Palsy through Fieldwork   Yoshizumi Miki  93  
Wild Boars Eat Future Forest:
   A Case Study of Tree-planting Activity for Peat-land Fire Protection
  Kameoka Taishin  97  
Halal Industry and Its Diversity Spreading to the World:
    From Field research in Malaysia, Dubai and Turkey
  Kirihara Midori  101