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Asian and African Area Studies No.15-2 (March, 2016)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.15-2 March 2015 CONTENTS     Index


Development of the Visual Public Sphere in the Republic of Turkey: A Focus on the Gezi Park Protests   Sononaka Yoko  167  
Women’s Property Rights and Inheritance of Property for Ancestor Worship in Pre-Modern Vietnam: Focusing on Anniversary Rice Fields(Kỵ Điền).   Miyazawa Chihiro  208  
Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) Irrigation Technology Uptake in Rice Paddies of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam:
   Relationship between Local Conditions and the Practiced Technology
  Yamaguchi Takayoshi       
Luu Minh Tuan       
Minamikawa Kazunori       
Yokoyama Shigeki  234

Research Note

Usefulness and Limitations of Cultural Consensus Analysis in Area Studies   Furusawa Takuro  257  

Book Review

Hideyuki Okano. An Armed Faction as a Human Network:Formation and Transformation of the Kamajor/CDF in the Sierra Leonean War.
   Kyoto: Showado, 2015, xvi+427p.   Fukagawa Hiroki  278  

Fieldwork News

“The Poison” in Raijua Island   Hirose Takaki  283  
There are Human Heads under Markets: The Meaning of Marketplaces in the South of the Republic of Benin   Muratsu Ran  287  
Old Songs in the Kashmir Valley   Inoue Haruo  290  
Climate Change, Famine, Conflict and “Kamikaze”: People’s Terror and Anger to the Terrorism in Sahel Region of West Africa   Oyama Shuichi  295  
Talking about Foreign Supporters: From the Interviews with Dhaka Weavers in the Eastern Hills of Nepal   Takamichi Yuko  300  
Angry People in Kalimantan   Yamanaka Yun  303