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Asian and African Area Studies No.22-1 (September, 2022)

Asian and African Area Studies
No. 22-1 September 2022   Index


Practice-Oriented Area Study on Organic Farming Extension in the Province of Antique, the Philippines:
   The Role of Agricultural Extension Agents as Collaborators   Ikoma Tadahiro  1  
Ethnic Belongingness among Residents of a Sanitary Workers’ Community in Sri Lanka:
   Focusing on Their Practices and Narratives Conditioned by “Circumstances”   Shimizu Kanako  36  
Constraints on Migrant Workers’ Lives Due to Structural Mediation in Labour Migration:
   A Case Study of Thai Technical Intern Trainees in Japan   Jessadakorn Kalapong  73  

Book Reviews

Rie Nakamura. A Journey of Ethnicity, In Search of the Cham of Vietnam, first edition. Newcastle upon Tyne:
    Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020, xiii+238 p.   Ito Masako  101  
Yasumasa Sekine. Street Anthropology: Disclosure of Its Method and Theory for Liveable Life Practice.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha Publishing, 2018, 768 p.   Kitajima Taishu  104  
Kazuo Kobayashi. Beyond the Atlantic Slave Trade: West Africa, Indian Cotton Textiles and the Modern Global Economy.
   Nagoya: The University of Nagoya Press, 2021, 326 p.   Nakao Seiji   108  
Shiho Hattori. Hunters in Yakushima in the 1950s. Kagoshima:
    Nanpou Shinsha, 2021, 389 p.   Osaka Momoko   111  
Masakazu Tanaka, Miho Ishii and Tatsuya Yamamoto eds. India: The Naked World. Yokohama:
   Shumpusha Publishing Co., Ltd., 2021, 456 p.   Kanno Misako   115  
Hisashi Shimojo. Intangible Spaces: A Social History of Survival in the Mekong Delta. Kyoto:
   Kyoto University Press, 2021, 570 p.   Imamura Masao  118  
Satoshi Yokoyama. Doing Fieldwork on Fermented Foods in the World.
   Tokyo: Rural Culture Association, 2020, 235 p.   Yanagisawa Masayuki   122  
Fumikazu Ubukata. Forests in the Making: Changing Phases of Human-Nature Hybrids. Tokyo:
   Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd., 2021, 234 p.   Takeda Shinya   126  

Fieldwork News

A Visit to “Home”   Asai Tokiko  131  
Mutual Aid ‘Yui’ Inherited over the Generations: Focusing on the Narratives in the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go   Okuda Mayu  135  
Dreamers: From Senegalese Graffiti to Okinawan Pottery   Maeda Yumeko  140  
In Search of Healing: A Short Report on New Spiritualism Movements in Turkey   Madono Kotoko  144  
To Be Given a Place, To Have a Place: Through Fieldwork in Tenjin, Fukuoka City   Hojo Nanase  147  
Give Me One Dollar: The Great Lake, Tonle Sap   Okada Ryuju  152