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Asian and African Area Studies No.21-1 (September, 2021)

Asian and African Area Studies
No. 21-1   September 2021   Index


“Revival” of the Dayak Priest-King from a Historical Perspective:
     The Case of the Ulu Ai’ in Southwestern Kalimantan
  Nishijima Kaoru  36  

Research Notes

Rice Liquor Production Sustained in a Rural Village of Takeo Province, Cambodia:
     A Survey of Historical Changes in its Production and Consumption.
  Sakuraba Yu  67  
Cultural Politics of Mobilization and Order:
     Behind the Sustainable Development of the Indonesian Rock Music Industry
  Kim Yujin  83  

Book Reviews

Sayaka Hashimoto. Cultural Study of Boat Racing Festival in Laos: The Line between Tradition and Sport.
   Tokyo: Mekong Publishing, 2020, 286 p.   Nakata Tomoko  104  
Kumiko Sakamoto. Social Development, Culture, and Participation:
     Toward Theorizing Endogenous Development in Tanzania.
   Yokohama: Shumpusha Publishing, 2020, 520 p.   Nakazawa Mei  107  
Sonam Kinga. Democratic Transition in Bhutan: Political Contests as Moral Battles.
    London and New York: Routledge, 2020, 306 p.   Ishiuchi Yoshiki  110  
Reiko Iida. Mimicry, Desire and Tamāśā: Dancing Women and the Popular Performing Arts in Urban India.
   Kyoto: Nakanishiya Shuppan, 2020, 258 p.   Yamamoto Tatsuya  114  
Naohiro Kitazawa. Caodaism and State: A Modern History of Southern Vietnam.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha Publishing Inc., 2021, 258 p.   Imai Akio  117  
Haruka Ushiku. The Village of Basketry: Change and Continuity of a Local Industry in Northeastern Ghana.
   Kyoto: Showado Press, 2020, 320 p.   Sono Fumoto  120  

Fieldwork News

Fieldwork at a Remote Site   Koyama Yumi  124  
What Should Be the Boundary between Human Habitation and Wildlife Habitat?   Osaka Momoko  128  
Home: “Little Indonesia” in Taipei   Shibayama Gen  132  
Kwanteebio and the Ethnic Chinese in Medan   Devin Sukardi  137  
Kappa is Not Yōkai : Diving toward the Origins of Folklore Culture in Tono, Iwate Prefecture, Japan   Moriuchi Koyuki  142  
A World without Borders through Food: Japan and Lebanese Cuisine.   Nakanishi Moe  146  
An Encounter with Buruli Ulcer and the Boy Scout Movement   Ogawa Yuki  150