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Asian and African Area Studies No.15-1 (Norvember, 2015)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.15-1 November 2015 CONTENTS   Index


The Decolonization Process of Indigenous Taiwanese in Postwar Taiwan   Morita Kenji  1  
Language, Buddhism, and Belonging during Decolonization: The Khmers of the Mekong Delta   Shimojo Hisashi  20  

Research Notes

Reconsidering Leadership of the Iban People in Borneo   Nishijima Kaoru  49  
The 33rd Congress of the Nahdlatul Ulama: Conflicts over the Rais Aam Selection Method   Kobayashi Yasuko  71  

Review Article

“Humanosphere” and the Future of Area Studies   Kato Tsuyoshi  94  

Book Reviews

Masako Ito and Michiko Yoshii ed. Deception in the Export of Nuclear Technology from Japan to Vietnam: Behind the Scenes of a “Friendship.”
   Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, 2015, 216p.   Hiruma Ken  125  
Akiko Morishita. Resources, Politics and Violence:Local Politics in Contemporary Indonesia.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2015, 250p..   Miichi Ken  129  
Takashi Sugishima ed. Anthropology of Multiple-Game Situation: Its Conception and Practice in Southeast Asia.
   Tokyo: Fukyosha Publishing, 2014, 382p.   Yamaguchi Ryota  132  
Ferdinando Sardella. Modern Hindu Personalism: The History, Life, and Thought of Bhaktisiddhānta Sar-asvatī.
   New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. xiii+342p.   Hazama Eijiro  136  

Fieldwork News

Managing Waste as Social Work: An Attempt by a Women’s Cooperative in Nepal   Ito Sanae  142  
Moonlight and the Sound of Water: Memories of the Congo River   Takamura Shingo  146  
A Secret Conference in a Forest: From an Investigation of Wanba Village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo   Yokotsuka Aya  150  
Disappearing Kampungs and People Living There   Mizuno Kunika  153  
Punk and Politics in Jakarta   Kim Yujin  157