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Asian and African Area Studies No.1 (March, 2001)

On This Inaugural Issue TANAKA Jiro 2  (PDF: 99KB)

A New Horizon in Area Studies

On the Feature Topic   The Editorial Committee   4    (PDF: 83KB)
Changes in a Malay Village, 1970-2000: Disappearance of Ecological Determinants   TSUBOUCHI Yoshihiro   5    (PDF: 818KB)
Increased Vulnerability of the Mossi Society
in Burkina Faso
  SHIMADA Shuhei   21    (PDF: 876KB)
Experiences of the Twentieth Century: Writing a Local History of a Sumatran Village in Indonesia   KATO Tsuyoshi   37    (PDF: 931KB)
Environment and Soils in Sociological Context   ARAKI Shigeru   54    (PDF: 920KB)
African Area Studies and International Cooperative Activities: Indigenous Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development   KAKEYA Makoto   68    (PDF: 823KB)
The Unity of Religion and Economy in Islam: An Attempt to Characterize a Cultural Peculiarity   KOSUGI Yasushi   81    (PDF: 857KB)
Institutional Change and Area Studies: A New Field for Development Studies   YOSHIHARA Kunio   95    (PDF: 1,617KB)
Area Study: A New Horizon of Activist Epistemology   FURUKAWA Hisao   119    (PDF: 624KB)
Comparative Ontology: An Approach to Global Area Studies   TANABE Akio   129    (PDF: 1,705KB)
Stealing a Democratic Movement: The May 1992 Incident in
  TAMADA Yoshifumi   155    (PDF: 2,041KB)
New Order’s Elite Turned Reformers(Orang Reformasi): Focusing on the Making Process of the Banten Province   OKAMOTO Masaaki   186    (PDF: 1,525KB)
Pirates, Sea Nomads or Protectors of Islam?:
A Note on "Bajau" Identifications in the Malaysian Context
  NAGATSU Kazufumi   212    (PDF: 1,017KB)
Methodological Perspectives and Research Issues in the Study of “Islamic Political Parties”: At the Junction of Comparative Politics and Area Studies   KOSUGI Yasushi   231    (PDF: 1,202KB)
“Islamic Parties” in the Secularist Regime of Turkey   SAWAE Fumiko   251    (PDF: 1,731KB)
Islamic Political Parties in Iraq: Institutionalization and Mass
  SAKAI Keiko   277    (PDF: 1,416KB)
Research Note            
Methodological Approach to the Study of Shakib Arslan: Islamic Thought and the Arab World in the Interwar Period   Raja A. ADAL   300    (PDF: 460KB)
Book Reviews            
Paul Spencer. The Pastral Continuum:
The Marginalization of Tradition in East Africa.

Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1998,302p.
  NAITO Naoki   308    (PDF: 343KB)
Janet L.Abu-Lughod. Before European Hegemony:
The World System A.D. 1250-1350.

Oxford University Press, 1989, 443p. 
  SHIMIZU Kazuhiro   313    (PDF: 449KB)
Fieldwork News            (PDF: 814KB)
A Scene of Orkes Mulayu: A Muslim Wedding Party along the Makassar Straits   HAMAMOTO Satoko   320    
Indonesian Chinese Peranakan Culture: Have the Times Changes?   YAMAMOTO Hiroko   324