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Asian and African Area Studies No.9(1) (September, 2009)

Asian and African Area Studies
  No.9-1September 2009  
Mobility and Networking of Buddhist Novices:
A Case of Village Society in Northern Laos
Yoshida Kayoko  1

Becoming Cowardly: War and Self-Determination among the Daasanach
Sagawa Toru  30
The Present State of Gong Performances in the Central Highlands of Vietnam:
A Study Focusing on Performance Styles and Melodies
Yanagisawa Eisuke  65
Book Reviews
Yukihiko Kiyokawa. A Comparative Economic History of
Technology Transfer: Modern Silk-reeling Technology into Asia.
Nagoya: The University of Nagoya Press, 2009, 615p.
Furukawa Hisao  86
Nobuko Nishizaki. Resistance and Collaboration by
Local People in the Field of African Wildlife Management.
Kyoto: Showado, 2009, 240p.
Ebihara Ippei  89
Fieldwork News
Hunting for Pleasure and Hunting as Poaching: Sport Hunting
and Local People in Northern Cameroon
Yasuda Akito  93
The Tree Left Uncut: Relationship between the Mbula Tree
and People in Rural Area, Tanzania
Yamamoto Kana  96
Notes on Lao New Year
Mori Kazuyo  101