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Asian and African Area Studies No.14-1 (Norvember, 2014)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.14-1 November 2014 CONTENTS


Thai Buddhism Reconsidered from the Viewpoint of Chinese Temples: Reflections on the Case Study of Phuket, Southern Thailand   Kataoka Tatsuki  1  
Child-Rearing by Multiple Parents: A Case Study on ‘Fostering’ Custom (Ri’ko) among the Hausa in Northern Nigeria   Umetsu Ayako  43  
Language Education as a Policy to Promote Loyalty to the Nation-State: From Improvement of Primary School Enrollment and Literacy to Blocking Cult Protestantism Conversion among the Mong of Vietnam   Yamabe Kensuke  64  
When Election Results Count: A Reflection on De-democratization in Thailand   TAMADA Yoshifumi  96  

Book Reviews

Tariq Moraiwed Tell. The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan.
   New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, x+221 p.   Watanabe Shun  111  
The Human Geographical Society of Japan ed. The Dictionary of Human Geography.
Tokyo: Maruzen Publishing, 2013, 788 p.   Mizuno Kazuharu  114  
Masako Ito. Politics of War Memories: The Road to Reconciliation over the Problem of Massacre during the Vietnam War by the South Korean Army.
   Tokyo: Heibonsha, 2013, 292 p.   Nakano Ari  117  
Ramnarayan S. Rawat. Reconsidering Untouchability: Chamars and Dalit History in North India.
    New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2012, xix+272 p.   Masuki Yui  120  
Takahiro Kojima. Borderland Buddhism: An Ethnography of Theravada Buddhist Practices across the China-Myanmar National Boundary.
   Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2014, 338 p.   Kuramoto Ryosuke  124  
Motoji Matsuda ed. The Basics for Learners of African Societies and Cultures.
Kyoto: Sekaishisosha, 2014, 322 p. Ito Yoshimasa  128  
Muhammad Hakimi Bin Mohd Shafiai. Islamic Finance for Agricultural Development
   in Malaysia. Kyoto: Center for Islamic Area Studies at Kyoto University,
   2013, xi+283 p.   Kambara Kentaro  131  
Minoru Obayashi, Jun Nishikawa and Kumiko Sakamoto eds. Endogenous Development in Newly Reborn Africa.
   Kyoto: Showado, 2014, 349 p.   Kurosaki Ryugo  134  
Christian Daniels ed. The History and Culture of Upland Peoples in Southeast Asia.
   Tokyo: Gensosha, 2014, 348 p.   Horie Mio  138  

Fieldwork News

The Desert Story: My Experience of a Field Trip to Harvest !Nara in the Namib   Tobiyama Shoko  143  
New Means of Plastic Bottle Disposal: Recycling Industry in Kampala, Uganda   Asada Shizuka  147  
The Next Generation of Speakers and Readers of Minority Languages: Two Young Successors of Mon Language whom I Met in Thailand   Wada Michihiro  150  
People Living in “Ethnic Diversity”: Winners or Losers?   Sai Akira  154  
“Give Me Medicine”: Health Care Facilities and Medication in a Rural Area of Northern Zambia   Yoshimura Yuki  158