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Asian and African Area Studies No.13-2 (February, 2014)

Asian and African Area Studies
No.13-2  February 2014   CONTENTS

Special Issue: Remembering Professor ADACHI Akira

Introduction: Adachi Akira and Non-modern Area Studies   Fujikura Tatsuro  101  


On the Evolvement of the Concept of “Development”: From its Origin to the Age of Colonialism   Kato Tsuyoshi  112  
Different Scales, Non-Corresponding Words, Hidden Actors,Imbroglios   Uchiyamada Yasushi  148  
Dying, Death and Care in an Institutional Setting:
A Case Study of a Vädihiti Nivasa (Old People’s Home) in Sri Lanka
  Nakamura Sae  174  
Rug Production as “Minor Subsistence”:
Social Transformation and Women in Post-independence Uzbekistan
  Sono Fumoto  212  

Research Notes

Rethinking ‘Development Discourse’ :
From the Perspective of Japan’s Revival after WW II
  Tomiyama Ichiro  249  
Cattle and Soil: Soil Erosion Discourse and Native Administration in Colonial Kenya   Kusunoki Kazuki  267  

Book Reviews

Shuhei Kimura. Public Anthropology of Earthquake.
   Kyoto: Sekaishisosha, 2013, 312p.   Ichinosawa Jumpei  286  
Keiko Tamura. Politics and Languages in Singapore, a Multi-ethnic Nation: 25 Years of ‘Vanished’
   Nanyang University. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, 2013, 208p.   Nabekura Satoshi  289  
Kana Yamamoto. The Small Forest Left Uncut:
   Discords among the Farmers over Seasonal Swamps in Tanzania.
   Kyoto: Showado, 2013, 232p.   Ubukata Fumikazu  293  
Satoko Endo. Cultural History of Pagne:
   Women’s Fashion in West Africa Reflects Culture and Modern Style.
   Kyoto: Showado, 2013, 240p.   Kanetani Miwa  296  
Yasushi Tonaga. Islam and Sufism: Mysticism, Saint Cult and Ethics.
   Nagoya: The University of Nagoya Press, 2013, 314pp.   Akahori Masayuki  300  

Fieldwork News

Traditional Medicine in the Contemporary Life of Mongolia   Nagaoka Kei  305  
Freedom to Choose an Occupation:From a Case Study
on the Vocational Training Center for Scavengers in Rajasthan, India
  Masuki Yui  310  
Ordination: A Chance to Reconfirm the Importance of Neighborhood Relationships   Sakurada Chie  314  
One Village, One Product: From Tasma, Kyrgyzstan   Miyoshi Hironori  319